Six Items Challenge

Attention all eco-concious fashionistas!  Starting on February 13th I’m participating in a global challenge that brings awareness to the true cost of ‘fast-fashion’ within the garment industry.  It’s called The Six Items Challenge.  You can read my introduction to the challenge on this website’s  Six Items Challenge page.  It’s going to be interesting…


In a nut-shell, I’ll be wearing six key pieces of clothing for the next 6 weeks – yeah, you heard me right. Six pieces. Six weeks. I have pictures of the six key pieces I’ll be wearing and through the course of the challenge ‘ll be posting about how I’m mixing and matching the pieces together.  As the challenge progresses I’ll share more about the pieces I’ve chosen and how the challenge is affecting my perspective on the traditional and alternative fashion industry.

Head on over to the Six Items Challenge page to learn all about what I’ll be up to.

Fashionably yours,
Anita (@OrganicExpert)


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    arzainalFebruary 10, 2013
  • Wow! This will be amazing if you manage it! I struggle with the 30×30 (although I am trying again this month) Any reason to stop shopping and start properly looking at my closet! I wish you every success! xoxo

    therealjlowFebruary 10, 2013
    • It will be interesting – that’s for sure! I tried the Free Fashion Challenge last year (see the details on my page dedicated to the Six Items Challenge) and I managed not to purchase clothing for 7 months – which was a HUGE shift in purchasing habits for me.

      I have six versatile pieces picked for the six weeks and lots of accessories I can use to mix it up so I’m feeling very confident about the challenge right now :) We’ll see how I am 2 weeks from now!

      All my best,

      OrganicExpertFebruary 10, 2013
  • Whoot – you go girl! You will known as “accessory girl” here forward! 6×6 – outstanding and fun.

    Jo-Ann BlondinFebruary 11, 2013
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    sunnyromyFebruary 13, 2013

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