TEDxToronto Bound


Two more sleeps to TEDxToronto and I must say I'm still stoked to have been invited to attend. And what exactly does TEDx have to do with maintaining an organic lifestyle for my family while on a cozy budget?

Not much my friends – except for the fact that there will be amazing speakers at the event including Laura Reinsborough the founder of Not Far From the Tree and Chef Susur Lee and a ton of other inspirational idea sharers on the stage who will weave their presentations around the theme of Alchemy. Not to mention the 1,000 attendees who are sure to have many, many insights about the marvelous city of Toronto.

Of course, food will play a role in the day as I'll brown bag some fave frugal organic snacks to take on the road. Speaking of food, the event coordinators have been outstanding in accommodating dietary requirements of the large group of delegates and recently sent out  a copy of the lunch menu.  Amazingly, the event is nut free, dairy free, egg free and 3/4 of the lunch offerings are gluten free.  That my foodie-friends is the type of lunch you get when a bunch of creatives get together for a day of idea sharing.

Here's to a great day of learning and meeting interesting people.

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