Dirty Dishes Be Gone

I’ve been trying lots of earth friendly household cleaning products over the past two years with the prices ranging from jaw-dropping to too good to be true.  I have to admit their ability to clean dishes (in particular) varied just as much. I was looking for clean dishes and a solution that’s easy on Mother Nature – is that too much to ask for? Apparently not.  

Last week I picked up a bottle of Green Works’ dish washing liquid and I was very impressed with the price and performance (for a ‘Cheap Chick’ that’s the magic combination). The line has been around for a couple of years and initially Sarah Richardson was promoting the brand on Canadian networks – which helped with their brand awareness. However, before I tried Green Works I went the 100% biodegradable route and sadly spent a lot of money and had perpetually half-clean dishes. Maybe I was using too little soap, maybe my water was not hot enough, I didn’t think about it too much – hey, it’s dish washing. So, I jumped off the bio-train and tried the 97% naturally derived Green Works dish soap and it rocks. I’m sorry Planet Earth but life’s too short for icky dishes.

Green Works WORKS and I picked it up for only $2.99 at Longo’s.

Now about cleaning the rest of the house…


  • Thanks for suggestion to try this product. It worked really well.

    Jo-Ann BlondinOctober 23, 2012

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