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My name is Anita Griffin.  I’m a creative-at-heart lady who has a passion for learning and sharing information.  I love all things paper, plants, cooking and eating – of course!  This website is the outcome of our family making the switch to an all organic diet in September 2010.  We’ve always eaten a healthful diet and had some organic food mixed in here and there.  We made the complete organic transition after several medical specialists diagnosed our oldest daughter with a hormone imbalance.  The doctors then encouraged us to eliminate as many chemicals, hormones and preservatives from our diet as possible.  We took the challenge head on and thus The Organic Experiment was born.

The Family
My husband, two teenage daughters and our attitude packed white west highland terrier live a suburb of Toronto, Canada in a comfortable Georgian style home complete with creaky oak floors, a wood burning fireplace (that tends to smoke us out on a regular basis) and a three car garage that is perfect for storing just about anything – including the occasional piece of furniture I smuggle in here and there.

My Background (In a slightly condensed and somewhat pictorial format) 


I studied film and multimedia at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and worked in the Toronto film industry for over 7 years as a picture, sound effects and voice editor. (The contraption to the right is actually an old film editing tool called a synchronizer.  It was used back in the day to sync sound and picture film together.  Of course, it’s all done digitally now.  Because I’m older than dirt, I use to edit on one of these suckers.)



During a break between film gigs I was offered a position as a store manager-cum-curator for a luxury design shoppe.  Here I specialized in telling stories about exceptionally designed products from around the globe. As the go-to spot for film and television set stylists, magazine editors, architects and the it crowd including celebrities; I was able to keep one foot in the creative media industry while developing a broad understanding of industrial design. (The object to the right is a juicer designed by Philippe Starck)




Enter baby #1
(Our first baby never slept hence I always wept.  Really I did.  It was terrible)





Design shoppe closes while I’m on maternity leave.  Boo-hoo.




Armed with a film background, a strong network within the industry and business savvy I was invited to join a boutique communications agency.  Working on everything from corporate video production, graphic design, presentations, special events and communications strategies – I developed my business chops.  (Okay, I never had a Louis Vuitton briefcase although at this point in my career I thought I might own one at some point)




Enter baby #2
(This baby slept and I remained relatively sane)





More boutique communications agency and finally after 7 years, I went on my own and opened a communications agency.  I specialized in all of the same things I use to do at the boutique agency but on a smaller and more intimate level.
(The ever popular rolling briefcase is a much more sensible choice for the average business person.  Sorry Louis)




While running my own agency I opened a part time business selling antiques with my closest friend.  We both have a love of collecting and dare I say an exceptional eye and a love of the hunt.  This had to be one of my most favourite jobs ever.  Dumpster diving to scraping, fixing and selling stunning objects was a real thrill.
(I could write a whole blog about this experience.  It was a blast and my husband was a super sport for letting me bring soooo much old musty stuff into our home while we spruced them up.)



A client I was pitching on a new advertising campaign asked me if I’d consider joining their marketing team.  Segue into my current career phase as a brand manager.
(Click on the image to the right you can see Interbrand’s top 100 brands of 2010.  It’s interesting if you are into marketing stuff.)



Farewell antique business and the communications agency.
(I still have some antiques I simply can’t part with – yes they are squirreled away in our three car garage.  I also still have clients from my agency I keep in touch with – no they are not in my garage.)





I’m currently director of marketing communications based in Mississauga, Ontario – just outside of the Toronto area.  I specialize in advertising, public relations, marketing strategy development, communications, and creative direction and laughing every day.  I have a penchant for cooking, making lists, saving money and share tips along the way.  You can reach me at theorganicexpert@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @OrganicExpert


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