Scratch Baking From Scratch?

I love baking.  There is something amazing about the aroma of it that brings everyone down to the kitchen to peer inside the oven to see what's cookin'.  One of my favourite things to do is haul out my baking ingredients and start mixing up some magic in my vintage Amish patterned Pyrex bowls.  That said, I recently discovered something that is good enough to make me stop baking from scratch most weekends. 

 Here's the thing with baking from scratch; it takes time and if you want top quality ingredients it can be expensive and time consuming to run around and get all of the various ingredients – especially if you want to experiment with different ingredients.  Enter GRAINSTORM.

GRAINSTORM is a small family business based in Toronto, dedicated to the idea that baked goods can actually be wholesome, real food. Their "pre-industrial" baking mixes are based on the revelation that traditional organic grains—freshly ground—are the key to great tasting and authentically nutritious baked goods.  Here's the handy part – you just add eggs, butter, olive oil and any extras you see fit and poof, you pop it in the oven.   

They offer an amazing selection of baking mixes (I've tried the All Oatmeal Cookies and the Ancient Grain Rustic Loaf)  that can be used in various recipes.  Product can be ordered directly from their website too.  

If you're interested in milling your own grains, they have a great page of information compelling enough to make me want to buy one of their nifty hand mills.  Maybe I'll ask Santa for one this year.




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