Fed Up

Like everyone I know I've been busy and admittedly, a tad lazy about keeping writing portion of The Organic Experiment moving forward.  What I can report on is the fact that we are all well fed on a purely organic diet and I am up for the challenge of getting the blog back on track.  So here's what we've been up to for the past month in 100 words. 

THE 100 WORD UPDATE (words in red don't count – stamped it)

I've done nothing yet on the 0rganic buying group. 
I'm a lazy slob.

Organic produce is appearing in regular store flyers – this may be a trend worth watching.
Even WalMart.  The organic banana prices were so good I went and purchased some.

New Whole Foods location in Mississauga is well under construction. 
Probably open in the spring.

I've decided I hate organic baby greens. They spoil too fast. 
Gooie greens are gross.

My craving for organic kohlrabi has been satisfied. 
And they were great!

I started reading What to Eat and it is good enough to eat. 
I'll share some info from this later.

I put on 5 pounds by mowing back homemade bread.  Bummer – literally. 
Enough said.

I've perfected a vegetarian Chickpea Stew with Dumplings recipe. 
I'll share this later too.  Yummy.

I discovered I love organic dried cilantro.  
Sooooo good – tastes just like fresh.

I missed writing on my blog. 
Thanks to all of the readers who were prodding me to get posting again.


  • Two words…
    Organic Garage..in Oakville :)

    RandeeMarch 25, 2011
  • I love all of the reonvations at The Organic Garage in Oakville http://www.organicgarage.ca/ !
    I went into the store after being off on business travel and then family vacation and I could not believe the change in the store. Props to the ‘OG’ for making smart and very shopper friendly renovations.
    The Organic Garage is one of my fave places to shop. Maybe some day they will grant me an interview :)

    OrganicExpertMarch 26, 2011

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