Local vs. Organic? Jamie Oliver’s Reply

My foodie child and I saw Jamie Oliver and Bob Blumer speak in Toronto this week at The Art of Cooking.  It was amazing.  3,500 foodies gathered together to watch 2 hours of down right amazing cooking happen on stage and to listen to Jamie Oliver answer questions from the audience.  Questions ranged from "Boxers or briefs?" to "Best meal you've ever had?".  Jamie was funny, at times serious, a little bit naughty  and so gosh darn likable with all of his replies.  The question that piqued my interest the most (other than what products do you use in your hair) was  'Local vs. Organic'. 

I was interested to hear Jamie's reply as I've been in a quandary while shopping produce aisles latley.  Do I by local and support my regional farmers, have fresher food and a smaller carbon footprint for our food OR do I buy foods that are grown responsibly without the aid of chemicals.  What to do?  Jamie's reply after some honest reflection:

"Local.  And if you can get both; well it's happy days!"

If he had to choose, Jamie would opt for getting his food quickly and with higher nutritional value over choosing fruits and veg that have been grown naturally in chemical free soil.  Frankly, I was surprised and wishing he'd had more time to elaborate on the subject but he had to move on to so many other questions.  By the way;  briefs, he refused to divulge his best meal – he said that is akin to saying you love one child more than another  and he conditions his gnarly golden mane regularly.

More on Jamie
I have a thing for Jamie Oliver – both the person and the brand.  I may need to dedicate a category on my website to him and his amazing team.  Ever since the Naked Chef first aired I've loved his approach on food.  The fact TED honoured him this year as the recipient of the TED Prize Wish blew me away.   Jamie's wish: teach every child about food.  He's smart, influential and he's right on the money with his wish.  Watch the video – it's worth taking the time to do so.


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