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This post has nothing to do about organic food.  It has to do with something else I care deeply about – lists.  I love list so much, my nick name around our house is List Lady. 

 Last night I was  reading a back issue of Clean Eating and I came across a small article about an on-line resource for 'the ultimate download-able grocery list' at  Hey, they were speaking my language so I checked it out.

In 1997 Bill Keaggy found a discarded grocery list.  That one list spawned a collection of now 2,000+ found grocery lists.  Bill decided to share his list collection.  On his website, you can view all of the lists.  Some are hilarious, mundane, puzzling and plain strange.  One of my fav lines is below.  We had a similar issue a few years back with mustard.

"If you buy more rice – I'll punch you"

It turns out, people liked reading other people's grocery lists so much Bill has written a book ( Milk, Eggs, Vodka), has a quirky  website dedicated to the book and has been on Jimmy Kimmell Live.  The site also offers a free PDF of an insanely detailed grocery list to download (a vegetarian version too).  

Bill highly encourages you to discard your list so someone can find it and send it to him.


  • love this! I always look in people’s carts to get an idea of their diets are so I guess this would be the same thing. I am the same here – a list for everything! My pad goes on the counter on Monday morning and by Friday the grocery list and to do list for the weekend are full! Love the post!

    JenNovember 11, 2010
  • Let’s face it, lists rock :)

    OrganicExpertNovember 11, 2010

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