Shopping Cheat Sheets

Call me old fashioned but there are two things I won't go shopping without; a grocery list and my organic pricing cheat sheet.  Sound excessive?  Possibly  but when you're in the madness of Saturday morning at Whole Foods you can get swept away in the luxury of it all and totally blow the budget in 15 minutes.  Suddenly Whole Foods becomes Whole Paycheck.  Here's how I tame my inner shopping diva to keep  on budget (relatively speaking) and manage to get everything I need for the week.


The Grocery ListGrocery_list
I read some crazy stat that 60% of all items purchased in the grocery store are impulse items.  I'm  already impulsive enough when it comes to food so having a well planned out grocery list is vital for me.  The grocery list is based on the menu plan for the up coming week.  The goal is to buy only what's on the list. My weakness is getting starstruck by sales.   I think every time I've mentioned being over budget on The Organic Experiment I can attribute to me over purchasing on sale or mark down items.  Well, at least I'm consistent.


The Pricing Cheat Sheet Cheat_sheet
This one is a little bit nerdy if I do say so myself.  I've spent the time to make an Excel spreadsheet   (with drop down lists and everything) to log the prices of standard items I purchase.  Everything from sugar to the price of organic lean ground beef.  I have the spreadsheet on my iPhone and when in doubt on a 'deal'  - I consult the mighty cheat sheet.


  • You are so very, very organized. Almost scary.
    Love the blog!

    TrishNovember 12, 2010
  • You are the List Lady

    The HusbandNovember 18, 2010
  • I think your cheat sheets are a great idea, especially if they help you shop better. And in response to another entry: Yes, staying out of the stores is THE BEST way to save!

    SamanthaNovember 19, 2010

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