Diverted Delivery

Persimmon The organic produce delivery arrived today from Organics Delivered only to be intercepted by my youngest child. 

With whimsy and delight the box was opened in my absence and its secret contents filed away.  Some evidence of the delivery remains; bananas, rogue potatoes, beets and persimmons of all things.  We're pretty adventurous eaters but I don't think I've ever tasted a persimmon before.

  Behold, a persimmon picture to the right.

On the budget front, I've decided to suspend my deliveries with Organics Delivered for the winter.  I'm seriously waffling on the price of the produce.  Also, I tend to get pretty picky in the winter months  with the ingredients I want to cook with.  The box delivery has the whole mystique thing going on but it's pretty hard to plan your menu when you don't know what produce you will have.  Maybe I'll change my mind later but for now, I think  it's back to regular produce shopping.

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