Peanut Butter Predicament

 Kraft peanutbutter My oldest daughter is a picky eater.  For a couple of years we're pretty sure she lived off of pocket lint and lolly pops.  Well, maybe picky eater isn't the best description.  She eats to live not lives to eat.  Her relationship with food was one of the key reasons I/we as a family made the decision to make the switch to organic.  I figured if she won't eat much; what she does put into her body should be the highest quality food we can get.  Alas, here we are.

My oldest daughter is stubborn.  I'm not sure where she get's this from.  (I can hear my husband laughing – can you?)  When I started bringing new brands into the house nobody batted an eye until I started to screw with the peanut butter supply.  We've been a die-hard Kraft PB family for years.  Sure the odd jar of Jiff or Skippy would sneak in and sometime even generic brands but we always came back to dear old Kraft.

  So it was with ernest effort that I scoured for the closest organic factsimile  to Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter.  The first natural choice (no pun intended) was to try Kraft's Natural Peanut Butter.  It was a big thumbs down.  "It tastes too nutty", "It's too dry", "What's with the oil on the top.  It's gross", "It's not sweet", all I could hear was it's not what we use to have.  I refined my search to meet the following criteria:

  1. Texture had to be very smooth
  2. There could be no oil separation on the top
  3. There needed to be some sort of (healthy) sweetener in the nut butter

 MaraNartha No Stir Peanutbutter MaraNatha No Stir Natural Peanut Butter

After further taste testing, we've determined MaraNathra No Stir Natural Peanut Butter is as close as it gets to old school peanut butter.  The texture is smooth, there's  no oil separation and it's sweetened with cane sugar.  The nutritional breakdown is almost identical to Kraft with the exception of the sodium being lower and the sugars being a pinch higher.

I was in bliss.  They threw down the peanut butter gauntlet and I met the challange.  The youngest daughter declairs she loves the new peanut butter even though it has to be kept in the fridge.  The husband begrudgingly tastes (once all of the Kraft was gone) the MaraNatha product and says it's a winner.  The picky eater won't give it a sniff, lick or a sideways glance.  For 4 weeks.  Ugh.

In conclusion; we are a two brand peanut butter family.  One organic (see left) one not (see above).  What can you do?  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

MaraNatha Natural No Stir Peanut Butter

Best Price:  $4.99 / 475grams @ Whole Foods Market

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