My Top 5 Dr. Dyer Quotes

In June of 2013 I attended the Hay House Toronto “I Can Do It” conference.  It was an interesting and memorable two days.  The event kicked off with a 3 hour keynote from Dr. Wayne Dyer.  There was no denying many of the 2,500 attendees were BIG Dyer-devotees.  I’d never heard him speak before and I’d only read […]


Role Model Fridge: Kris Carr

Happy Monday to you. I thought you might like a peek into uber wellness warrior Kris Carr’s fridge.  I first learned about Kris from the Food Matters documentary Hungry for Change. This blonde bundle of positivity has a lot to share on how to make the switch to a plant based diet and learn to […]


Pep Talk

Sorry I have not been posting lately. It’s been a busy month. I think I needed this Pep Talk from Kid President. I’ll be back on the blogging train starting tomorrow. Pinky swear. Here’s to not being boring. Boring blows. Anita Marie – @OrganicExpert

Food for Thought

“Never let your expectations close you off to opportunities you may encounter.”