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Dinner Party Penny-Pinching. The After-Math

 Well, the dinner party penny-pinching experiment was a success.  We managed to have a pretty tasty and very hearty dinner for 6 people* for $80.48.  Sadly, I was enjoying myself too much to take any pictures of the dishes.  Maybe next time if the wine isn't flowing ;)  Here's how the budgeting broke down:

Lovely Leftovers – Fish Chowder

I always find it amazing how when push comes to shove you can make a great meal out of what's hanging around the house or more specifically; the fridge.  I did this just yesterday by making a lovely fish chowder out of some leftover wild caught haddock.   Chowders are so easy to make.  The key […]

Organic Roasted Garlic Hummus

I've tried a bunch of hummus recipes and wound up developing my own.  We're not too fond of tahini but adding in the whole sunflower seeds gives you a bit of the nutty taste without the intensity of tahini.  Sunflower seeds are also much less expensive and they keep longer than their ground tahini counter […]

Organic Pantry Planning – Spices

My spice cupboard is a nightmare.  It smells divine but it's a jumble of mismatched jars, plastic bags  and cello pouches of mysterious fragrant powders.  I like to pick up herbs when I'm at local markets and fall fairs but the problem with doing that is they are never labeled in a lasting way.  While […]

Vegetarian in the House

On our final day of summer vacation my youngest daughter announced she was becoming a vegetarian.  This revelation was not new as she tried the switch a year ago for a short period of time only to succumb to the rest of the family's meat eating ways.  The current attempt has lasted nearly two months […]

Cookie Shrapnel

Let's face it.   There are few things better than home baked goodies.  The family is now enjoying far more home baking due to the budget limitations of  The Organic Experiment.  To keep on budget, one of the first things to be expelled from the shopping cart was premium priced boxed cookies, granola bars and other pre-packed […]