Peachy Keen Crisp

Got peaches? Wanna make something good with them?  Do I have a recipe for you…

Raspberries in a marble bowl.

3 Second Raspberry Jam

Here’s my secret to making the BEST raspberry jam.  There’s no sugar, no fat, no extra nuthin’.


Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is one of the most difficult dairy products  to give up.  It’s soooooo damn good!  From time to time I’ll indulge in the real deal but until recently I’ve been using Parma-Veg (an organic and vegan Parmesan cheese substitute that is largely made of walnuts).  Then I found out how to make my own version of vegan Parmesan […]


Seriously Good Wings

These are the easiest and tastiest chicken wings you will EVER make.  I swear.  The first thing you have to start with is exceptional quality organic chicken wings – Yorkshire Valley Farms is my go to organic chicken brand.  I can get it at several local grocery stores and it is always incredibly fresh and […]


Super Easy Soup – Lentil

Some of my readers may remember me purchasing an enormous bag of organic brown lentils back last year.  Well, the lentils live on – damn there were a lot of them – but they are getting whittled down by making a simple and hearty meals like this vegan budget busting lentil soup.