Six Items Challenge – Day 1

Well, it’s not the big TA-DA post I was hoping for being day one and all of the Six Items Challenge and all…

Six Items Challenge

Attention all eco-concious fashionistas!  Starting on February 13th I’m participating in a global challenge that brings awareness to the true cost of ‘fast-fashion’ within the garment industry.  It’s called The Six Items Challenge.  You can read my introduction to the challenge on this website’s  Six Items Challenge page.  It’s going to be interesting…

Thrifty Travel Bag

My business travel over night bag bit the dust. Being out of the luggage loop I was shocked to see the prices of new bags when I visited a department store. Although rolling luggage has its merits, I settled for a smart vintage travel bag I picked up at VVBoutique – otherwise known as Value […]

Top Eco, Sustainable, Conscious Fashion Designers

So even though I'm not buying any clothing or fashion accessories for a YEAR (only 9 months left to go) here's a great list of fashion leaders who design with a bigger purpose.  Enjoy. The Ultimate List of Conscious Fashion Designers (From A-Z) via ecosalon.com

Free Fashion Now Challenge

  On January 10, 2012 I signed up for an amazing challenge; I would not purchase any clothing or fashion accessories for 1 year.  I committed to the Free Fashion Challenge.  I am a self confessed fashion junkie.  I have a huge wardrobe and this seemed like a great way to get in tune with my […]