Squashing Perfectionism

Raise your hand if you put off doing something until you can do it ‘just right’.  Oh yeah, it will be more than piddly-assed right – it will be PERFECT.  Here’s the thing; I’ve been listening to Brené Brown – you know the super-dope, totally relatable shame and vulnerability researcher who has skyrocketed to fame status […]


My Top 5 Dr. Dyer Quotes

In June of 2013 I attended the Hay House Toronto “I Can Do It” conference.  It was an interesting and memorable two days.  The event kicked off with a 3 hour keynote from Dr. Wayne Dyer.  There was no denying many of the 2,500 attendees were BIG Dyer-devotees.  I’d never heard him speak before and I’d only read […]

Food for Thought

“Never let your expectations close you off to opportunities you may encounter.”

Under Construction

The mighty migration of The Organic Experiment from Typepad to WordPress has begun. Truth be told the project is more of a barn raising than migration. I’ve been shirking my household chores for the weekend and the family has been pitching in with cleaning, design tips and words of encouragement especially when I was cursing the domain mapping […]

Organic Food Truck Day Dreams

Even though I'm not a chef :(  and only a pretty good home cook, when I think about the Food Truck Frenzy I can't help but want to get me one.  I guess I want one like maybe a fashionista wants the latest Hermes Kelly Bag .  Good news is; you can buy yourself a food truck for […]