Canning Kitchen Blog Tour & Give-Away

If I can do this – anyone can.  I canned my very own pizza sauce for the first time – with a little help :)


Writing Process Blog Tour

When I was 5 years old I would daydream while looking at the Simpsons-Sears catalogue.  Oh the amazing things me and my sassy girlfriends would do.  That’s me on the far left.  Isn’t my hair scarf groovy?  The girls and I would play in a band when we weren’t busy travelling and modeling for the Simpson-Sears catalogue.  This beach […]


One Word Wed. Vol. 3

Photo of a vintage Quebec farm table that was in a modern cottage we rented in Quebec.  We all loved the pantina and character of the piece.  It had clearly seen a lot of history in its day. Organically yours, Anita Marie @OrganicExpert


5 Things I Love Sunday: Animal Edition

What does a beatboxing goat, Oxfam, kitten heel shoes , a polkadot deer head and a book have in common?  I love ’em.  That’s what!   The Beatboxing Goat What can I say.  This is just damn funny.  Goats; they crack me up.   Oxfam Gift: Give a Bee Hive As many of us know, there […]


One Word Wed. Vol. 2

 More photos of campy rides on the Santa Monica Pier.


One Word Wed. Vol. 1