Canning Kitchen Blog Tour & Give-Away

If I can do this – anyone can.  I canned my very own pizza sauce for the first time – with a little help :)

Nut Free Caesar Dressing

Nut Free Caesar Salad Dressing

If you eat vegan style and you’re allergic to nuts – this one’s for you! Oh, if you like a great salad dressing – you should read on too…


Peachy Keen Crisp

Got peaches? Wanna make something good with them?  Do I have a recipe for you…

Raspberries in a marble bowl.

3 Second Raspberry Jam

Here’s my secret to making the BEST raspberry jam.  There’s no sugar, no fat, no extra nuthin’.

Beautiful salad from The Organic Experiment

Experimental Salad

Sometimes you just have to mix things up – try new combinations.  Embrace creativity in the form of a salad!

Chilled Creamy Avocado Soup

Thai Avocado Soup

While going through ancient recipe cards, piles and piles of old magazines and bits of newspaper clippings  – I came across a number of recipes I’ve been meaning to try for like – YEARS.  Egad.