I originally started this website in September 2010 as a resource for how to feed a family of 4 an all organic diet on a tight budget.  A funny thing happened while our family transformed how we think about food – we started thinking about lots of things differently.


The result – I started living The Organic Experiment on a bigger scale.  Who knew?  When you open your mind to new thoughts and experiences – things start to develop naturally – one might say organically.  When you have a strong desire to continually grow, try new things, to strive for originality – one might say you are experimenting.  The Organic Experiment became an organic experiment!  No kidding.

The Organic Experiment is spreading it wings to share more information, stories and experiences on lots of topics like the ones listed above.  ‘Cause I’m a food-lover chef-wannabe, there will still be lots of organic food-porn.  Because I’m curious and have writer’s ADD I’ll also share whatever kick-ass stuff I find along the way.  Because I care deeply about our planet and believe organics support a healthy body and will help save our planet – there will always be a focus on sustainable organic lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share.  If you love it – let me know.  If you think it sucks – let me know.  Just share your thoughts through commenting – I read them all and respond religiously.

Organically yours,
Anita Marie Griffin – @OrganicExpert

P.S.  If you have a product you’d like me to try on for size, story you think my readers will enjoy or if you just want to get a hold of me – here’s how you can reach me:

Twitter: @OrganicExpert
Instagram: OrganicExpert
Tumblr: OrganicExpert
Pinterest: AnitaMGriffin
Email: theorganicexperiment@gmail.com

Disclosure:  If I have received any products, sponsorships, or compensation from any of the brands or companies I have written about on this website, it will be clearly stated at the bottom of the story.  All opinions expressed on this website are either my own or those of The Organic Experiment contributors.


  • Nice update!

    Tim GriffinJuly 5, 2013
    • Hey Tim! Thanks for the feedback – I really appreciate it :)


      OrganicExpertJuly 7, 2013

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