Sweet Potato Pasta

This recipe is silly simple.  You gotta’ try it.

Sweet potato noodles with pesto sauce. www.theorganicexperiment.com

Spiralized Sweet Potato Noodles
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These are tricky to make. Don't be tempted to eat the sweet potato raw. Raw sweet potato is starch bomb and very difficult for your gutty-wuts to digest. Cook before eating. I'll tell you how.
Serves: 1
  • 1 large Organic Sweet Potato
  • Boiling water (no need to add salt - let's keep this low-sodium)
  1. Put a pot of water to simmer (your steel colander should be able to sit in the bottom of the pot and have the sweet potato covered by the water)
  2. Wash and peel sweet potato
  3. Plunk it in your spiralizer and spiralize that sucker.
  4. Rinse in cold water
  5. Place 'noodles' into a stainless steel colander and submerge into simmering water
  6. Depending on how thick your noodles are it will take anywhere from 2 - 3 minutes to get them tender
  7. Keep an eye on them - they kick over from noodles to mush in the blink of an eye
  8. Drain
  9. Top with Vegan Pesto and add a little vegan parmesan cheese substitute and chili pepper flakes if you like
  10. Enjoy!

This is the spiralizer I use for making long curly noodles. The noodle it makes is a fine angel hair type of noodle.  It’s a great little tool that’s easy to use and wash up.

I’ll post the recipe for Vegan Pesto tomorrow!


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