Squashing Perfectionism


Raise your hand if you put off doing something until you can do it ‘just right’.  Oh yeah, it will be more than piddly-assed right – it will be PERFECT.  Here’s the thing; I’ve been listening to Brené Brown – you know the super-dope, totally relatable shame and vulnerability researcher who has skyrocketed to fame status on TED?  She’s told me a secret about perfectionism and I can’t keep it to myself…

Perfectionism isn’t about doing things well for yourself – it’s about doing things well to please or impress OTHERS.  Say whaaat?!! Hey, I’m my own person here!  I don’t need other’s people’s acceptance and praise – like all the time … or do I?  Why am I so hard on myself?  I always thought I was striving for exceptional quality in myself – but – maybe it’s a bit more.  Oooooh Brené girl, you got the cogs turning in my head.  Imagine letting go of always trying to do well in other’s eyes.  Imagine being kinder to yourself.  Heavy concepts.  I know.

If learning more about yourself and beginning a journey towards a wholehearted life piques your interest; I highly recommend checking out Brené’s work.  I recently listened to her book The Gifts of Imperfection as an Audible audio book.  It was such a good listen and there was so much valuable information that purchased a hard copy of the book too.

Dr. Brene Brown

Here’s Brené’s TED talk from 2012.  It’s had an amazing 11+ million views.

Here’s to being kinder to ourselves,
Anita Marie – @OrganicExpert

Get the book here:

P.S. This post is my kick off to NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month.  I’ll be attempting to do one blog post each day for the next month.  Considering I’m one day late; maybe I’m embracing this whole letting go of perfectionism thing quite well ;)

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