Six Items Challenge – Days 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

SIC-day10Me again :)  Before I start talking about clothing again, I promise to do a food blog later this week.  To be honest I’ve been so sick since the holidays it’s been difficult to be in the kitchen – bummer for someone who loves to cook for others.  Cooking or not I’ve been sticking to the Six Items Challenge religiously.  Here are the outfits from days 10 – 14… 

DAY 10 (pictured above)
A regular work day with meetings and such.  I’ve been trying to perfect the ‘messy updo’ look.  Yeah, I have a long way to go.  Today was the first day I’ve felt human in a while.  I’ve been fighting what they think is pneumonia  – not nice.  It’s a long road to recovery just like my potato chip addiction.


DAY 11
So much for feeling better.  After playing hockey last night I was up sick all night.  Just shoot me.  I was in bed all day today.  BTW, this tissue product looks cool.  It’s an alternative to the old fashioned hanky but they are reusable organic cotton sateen tissues or maybe a simple hanky would be more earth friendly.


DAY 12
Today is Sunday and sadly we have a visitation to attend.  A close friend’s father passed away so we went to pay our respects.  Note:  I was a regular visitor to the hand sanitizer stations in the funeral home so I did not spread my icky germs.


DAY 13
Back to work today and I donned my poppy pants again.  This colour is really stepping out of the box for me.  Every time I looked down at my legs during the day I was a bit shocked.  I’m really getting into the wearing a dress as a top with pants.  It works particularly well if the dress is the right length.


DAY 14
I was supposed to start a 3 day business trip today but I was grounded due to ‘the cold’.  I was dying to do a video of how easy it was going to be to pack for a business trip with only 6 items.  Well, maybe I’ll do that post in a few weeks…

Today I worked from home and decided I needed to get out of the PJs and dress for the occasion.  The trusty Value Village black pants and beige shirt won the luck of the draw today.

I stepped out for a salad lunch with my daughter and wore my cashmere wrap I purchased 3 years ago. This was an investment piece that was made in Canada.  I wuv it. It’s cozy-wozy.  Sadly my white dog likes it too and sometimes sleeps on it.  GRRRR – that’s me growling not the dog.  He snores when he sleeps on my things.  Sheez.

Anita (@OrganicExpert)

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