Six Items Challenge – Days 7, 8 and 9

SIC-Day7Welcome to day’s 7, 8 and 9 of the Six Items Challenge.  This challenge is designed to bring awareness to the cost of ‘fast-fashion’. $19 shirts that look like they came off the runway do come at a greater cost – unfortunately in some cases it’s the garment worker who suffers. I’m trying to learn more about this topic and you can too at Labour Behind the Label.  Days 8 and 9 are right here…

This outfit (pictured above) is my attempt at biker chic.  I always try to wear a neutral lipstick when I wear all black and have my hair tied back.  Lord knows I don’t want to look like a Robert Palmer girl.

Why not wear a dress over a pair of pants? I did and it looked pretty good!


Today was a work day and I opted for minimalist black. The high ponytail made the look clean and simple.  I love this wool scarf I found at Value Village.  It’s the perfect creamy colour.

TIP:  When building your wardrobe, look for clothing that is easy to wash and hang dry.  This black reversible jersey dress can be hand washed, spun in the washer and hung to dry over night.  Air drying helps prolong the life of clothing and saves energy.


Fashionably aware,
Anita Marie – @OrgnicExpert

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