Six Items Challenge – Day 2


Well, Day 2 of the Six Items Challenge was much more eventful than Day 1 :)  I’m back on my feet from the evil cold and managed to get myself into the office for the day.  I felt sassy in my new outfit and needless to say it was pretty easy to decide what to wear when there was only 6 items to choose from.  Can you guess which pieces were purchased at a thrift store?

About the Outfit
My black cap sleeve dress, the vintage enamel pin and my sweet suede boots with the cute bow were all purchased at thrift stores and together cost under $25.  Ka-ching!

Because my outfit was so monochromatic, I thought my makeup called for a tad of colour so I dashed on some Josie Maran Color Stick in a rosy tone.  Josie’s company is very cause driven and they use all natural products.  I especially love her argan oil – which I use everyday.

Thrifting and Shopping Alternatives
Thrifting is a smart way to help save clothing from going into landfill and it gives gently used clothes a second life.  Since learning about the Six Items Challenge and Labour Behind the Label I’ve been taking a keener interest in how I choose to purchase my clothing.  During the course of the challenge I’ll be researching alternatives to traditional mass market clothing manufacturers and shopping options.

Happy Valentines Day,
Anita Marie – @OrganicExpert

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