Bean There – Done That

beansI’m so sad we have moved out of bean season.  I LOVE green beans of all types especially when they are fresh and local. Sadly, I can’t abide eating frozen green beans – they just gross me out. So during the local bean off season I partake in purchasing imported green beans and I definitely give up the hunt for organic too. Here’s the latest places I’ve found to get these green gems throughout the winter.

Even though green beans are listed on the dirty dozen ‘plus’ list, I do venture off the organic wagon with this purchase. Organic beans are pretty difficult to find on a regular basis even during the Ontario harvest. I received 2 small bags in my local organic CSA share this year and I occasionally see them in Organic Garage and WholeFood Market Mississauga.

My conventional go-to places to pick up beans are; Longo’s Market, Michael-Angelo’s and now Costco. This week I picked up 2 pounds of Frenched green beans at Costco for $4.99. If you buy conventional beans, be sure to wash them thoroughly before enjoying.

Anita Marie –  @OrganicExpert

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