The Way the Rice Cake Crumbles

I’m a big fan of Lundberg rice cakes especially the organic brown ones. They’re a quality product with minimal ingredients and at an average price of $3.29 a bag there’s lots of healthy snacking at a reasonable price.  Sadly, sometimes the bottom cakes in the sleeve get broken and crumbled.  Usually due to my heavy hand in packing my grocery bags at the store. Here’s an idea of what to do with those crumbled cakes…

Rice cake bits are not optimal for spreading almond butter on for a morning snack :( however, rice cake crumbs are perfect to toss into a salad for a gluten-free crouton! I keep all of my crumbled cakes in a mason jar and save them for my salads.  I’ve even been known to crumble a cake or two on purpose to create some make-shift croutons.  Give it a try!

Frugally Yours,
Anita (@OrganicExpert)

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