Book Review: Every Day Calm

Everyday Calm: Relaxing Rituals for Busy PeopleEveryday Calm: Relaxing Rituals for Busy People by Darrin Zeer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nice short bite sized ideas to help manage stress in today’s crazy paced world.  

I signed Everyday Calm out the the library so at no cost, I got some great ideas for helping me keep cool throughout my busy days.  I really recommend checking out your local library for books of interest.  Most libraries have an online catalog you can search, have books relocated to a branch near you and you can even sign out ebooks to read on your mobile device.  One of my best library tips is to renew your books online if you can’t make it to the library to return them on time.  Late fees add up fast.  Get thee to the library, it’s FREE!

I’ve started to catalog my books on GoodReads so I will be sharing book reviews every now and then.  If you want, you can View all my reviews here.

Happy reading – and go get a library card!!!

Anita (@OrganicExpert)

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