For the Love of Fresh Produce

There are few things more enjoyable than visiting a local farmers market.  Here are some snaps from my trip to the Oakville Organic Farmers Market on June 16th. Many thanks to all of the generous people who told me about their farms and the wonderful produce they grow. Kindness abounds with this community.



Scapes from Oakville Organic Market. So tasty sauteed in butter and served with just about anything.


Beets & Green Garlic

Baby beets and green garlic from The Fresh Veggies. These beets were amazing when steamed and added to a salad. The green garlic was wicked with the shiitake mushrooms below.



The freshest ever shiitake mushrooms from Plan B Organic Farms. I think I have mushroom love. They were so delicious. Just picked the night before from red oak logs these shrooms were selling like hot cakes. I must get more this weekend.




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