Vitamix Lust

Lipstick_kiss_full_jpegAfter volunteering at the Green Living Show this year and seeing a demo of the mother of all blenders – the Vitamix – I’ve been obsessed with getting one.  Oh, the smoothies, frozen (yes frozen) deserts and the soups (yes soups) I could make with this bad ass blender.  Check out the video to see what this machine can do…

What an incredible kitchen appliance.  Of course, being the frugal person I am, I can’t bring myself to spend $600+ on a blender until I’m convinced I will use it every day for the rest of my life.  I checked online and discovered I have enough AirMiles points to buy it too – hmmm spend my AirMiles on a blender or purchase two 5-day passes to Disney World.  I know which I would pick – the Vitamix you Silly Billy!

UPDATE – FEBRUARY 11, 2013:  Sadly, AirMiles has discontinued offering the VitaMix on their program.  Dang! I was not quick enough to buy one with my points :(

To test my level of commitment to smoothies and blending on a regular basis I picked up a vintage 10-speed Osterizer blender at VV Boutique (that’s the fancy name for Value Village).  If I keep up the blending for a year, I’ll bite the bullet and buy the Vitamix.  Until then my Osterizer will be the blender of choice for me. Yes, it’s as ugly as my juicer but they are very happy sitting together on our kitchen counter.



  • i have had a vitamix for years and it totally lives up to the hype. i used it every day, more than anything else in my kitchen. if you don’t use the osterizer blender very much, i don’t think that’s a good indication of how much you might get out of the vitamix because they are very different. a suggestion for you – these things last forever, why not consider a used or refurbished one? i have heard of other people doing that with great results. or at the very least, get it at costco like i did when they have it featured for a better deal. good luck!

    Dani @ lifeovereasyJuly 9, 2012
  • Thanks for the tip on the refurbished Vitamix – I had not thought about that route. I’ve actually been using my sassy little Osterizer quite a bit but I’m still going to hang in there for a year to be sure I’ll stay on the blending path. My friend at just purchased a Vitamix today. I guess I’ll just live vicariously through her for a while ;)
    Hey, I loved your Rouge River canoe post. Over 20 years ago my husband and I received a canoe as a wedding gift and we are still using it. We are planning an Algonquin canoe trip this summer with our 2 teenage girls – it will be an adventure.

    OrganicExpertJuly 10, 2012
  • The Vitamix at Airmiles may be back. It was also off the list back in the fall, when they completely depleted their stock of it. I contacted Airmiles and they weren’t able to tell me much about it, but early this year it was back on… only to be off again. I’m still saving my Airmiles like crazy, and am getting super close to having enough to redeem so I’ll be ready to pounce next time it comes available.

    ChelseaFebruary 13, 2013
    • Oh, I’m going to keep checking at AirMiles just like you. It was an amazing deal and I’m kicking myself for not cashing in some of my points to get one. If I see that it’s back up on the site, I’ll definitely give you a shout. Pinky-swear. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

      OrganicExpertFebruary 13, 2013
      • News about getting a Vitamix for a good price; if you check out Costco online they have the Total Nutrition Centre for $499. Bed Bath and Beyond also sell the 1806 CIA Series for $599 but if you sign up for their online newsletter you receive a 20% off coupon which brings the price down to $479.

        OrganicExpertFebruary 18, 2013
        • Just saw Vitmix back on the website today! I am still 700 points but will be collecting like a madman – hopefully they don’t all sell out again before I get there!

          ChelseaMarch 4, 2013
          • Sweet! Thanks for sharing the info, I’ll have to mosey on over to AirMiles and check it out :)

            OrganicExpertMarch 4, 2013
          • Well, I did it. I purchased a VitaMix at the Toronto Home Show last month. I’ll be sharing all the details in a post next week :)

            OrganicExpertApril 5, 2013

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