Cozy Cabbage Sautee

Although summer is just around the corner the rainy weather and cooler temperature has given me the craving for something cozy to eat tonight.  Looks like sauteed red cabbage with garlic, organic red potatoes and organic roma beans will hit the spot. Since we last spoke, lots has happened… 

Before I give you an update on what's been happening let me tell you a bit about the humble cabbage; part of the cruciferous vegetablefamily cabbage is a wonderful addition to your regular diet.  Touted as having cancer fighting agents this versatile vegetable works great for salads, stews, soups and side dishes. Another benefit of cabbage is it's a member of the Clean 15 so it's one of the few veggies you can easily skip the organic purchase on. Here's a great tip from Ricardo (of the Food Network's Ricardo and Friends) for keeping beautiful red cabbage red when you prepare it.

About Those Lentils…

With 25 pounds of organic green lentils in the house; we've been eating lentils on a regular basis.  I've made lentil burgers, salad, soup and Buddha bowl.  Gosh they are versatile.  I must confess I've started to share the stash with one of my good pals – thought I'd spread the lentil love.


Early morning juicing has become a part of our daily life – much to the chagrin of the teenage daughters.  The Vornado Juicer has been making us wonderful organic green juice each morning.  What a refreshing way to start the day.  Drink 16 ounces of cucumber, celery, kale, ginger and pear juice and you are ready to take on the day. 

Going Vegetarian

Much to the delight of my 15 year old vegetarian; I've joined her in the plight to remove most animal products from my diet.  There's still a bit of dairy in my diet but very little and what I do eat is organic and very, very tasty :)


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