Loads of Lentils



So there I was on Saturday buying groceries when I spied a honkin' 25 pound bag of organic green lentils for a mere $29.  Dubious of our ability to consume 25 pounds of lentils within a reasonable amount of time I walked away from the deal.  Of course, I went home and pondered if I should go back and get the blasted bag… 


 I hate walking away from a deal but what I despise even more is wasting anything even if it is super cheap.  After reviwing my repertoire of recipes I figured we had enough lentil know-how that we could and would indeed make our way through the bag of lentils before too long – like within the year.  The inconspicuous brown bag said the lentils had been packaged in January 2012 and after a bit of reading up on the web I discovered if they are stored in a cool, dry and dark place they will keep for 12 months.  Pishaw.  We can eat those suckers in a year no problem.  I think…

Anyways, I figured this side project will go under the Challenges section of The Organic Experiment.  Each time I dip into the lentil larder I'll report on how much we used and what we cooked with it.

Lentil Ledger Entry #1

Of course, I had to crack the bag of lentils open right away and get down to business.  I opted for a purist approach for the first batch to cook from the might bag so we could test the taste and freshness of the product.

Basic Boiled Lentils

2 cups of green lentils (picked over and rinsed two times in cold water)

6 cups of cold water

pinch of salt

Directions: Put the lentils, water and salt in a large pot of water.  Bring to a boil and back off to a simmer for 30 – 40 minutes until the lentils are tender.  Drain off any extra water.  Rinse off with cool water.  Store in a glass container in the fridge.  Yield: 6 cups

Here's how we will use the cooked lentils throughout the week:

  • Toss into salads
  • Mix with brown rice and sauteed veggies
  • Add to quick soups 
  • Add to a quinoa salad
  • Toss in a light vinaigrette with cut up veggies for a lentil salad

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