Organic Food Truck Day Dreams

Even though I'm not a chef :(  and only a pretty good home cook, when I think about the Food Truck Frenzy I can't help but want to get me one.  I guess I want one like maybe a fashionista wants the latest Hermes Kelly Bag .  Good news is; you can buy yourself a food truck for less than 4 Kelly Bags!   Besides, they (the food truck – not the purse) look like so much fun, like a great way to express your inner food goddess – and not have to open a full-fledged restaurant. 


This article in the Globe and Mail has some good stats about the bustling food truck biz.  Food trucks ride cool factor – The Globe and Mail

Here's a picture of a Hermes Kelly Bag just so you can compare.  They sell for around $10,000 US per purse (choke).


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