Drive-Thru Regret

I did it.  I ate crappy drive-thru 'Chicken Strips' yesterday – no fries, just the chicken.  I was stuck in my car in the middle of a 2 hour commute and I was hungry.  Like a suburban robot I drove up to the window and picked my poison. I was half way through the first of three strips before I thought – this is such bad food.  Then I had another bite - this time with synthetic clingy honey mustard sauce.  That's when I started to feel sorry for the frickin' chicken that probably had a miserable life only to create this 'meal'.  I think it was the first time I honestly felt guilty about eating meat.  Curse you Wendy's for being so damn convenient. 

Chicken_thumbnail The guilt did not stop when I got home.  I wound up searching nutritional information and ethical meat production with the big fast food chains.  Here's what I found on the web regarding Wendy's Animal Welfare Program.  It certainly won't save the world or contribute to any significant improvement to poor farming conditions for animals grown in mass production facilities BUT you have to say they have guts to share the information.

I ate two of the three strips.  I'm sorry Mr. Chicken.

And for some additional Non-Organic fun; here's a link to two dudes rapping about the drive-thru crap-trap.


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