Tangy Bang!

We all know it's fun to add a little spice to your life and here's one of my favourite ways to do so;  Mr. Spice.  Mr. Spice is a pretty well rounded guy.  He can be hot, sweet and sometimes a little bit nutty.

Tangy_Bang__nutrition Let me introduce my new best friend in the kitchen;  Mr. Spice's Tangy Bang!  This organic sauce is amazing.  As they say on the Mr. Spice website, "it's a one of a kind" NO SALT hot sauce and it's also gluten and fat free to boot.  

Tangy Bang sells in most stores for $5.99 which may seem a little steep for 289g bottle but a little goes a long way.  My latest version of stir-fry uses a mere 2 tablespoons of this zippy sauce and it packs a manageable punch.

Before the inception of The Organic Experiment I was a Frank's RedHot junkie.  But after discovering Tangy Bang!  there is no going back.  Sorry Frank, there's a new man in my life and he's called Mr. Spice.

Mr. Spice also has a Thai Peanut Sauce,  Honey BBQ, Indian Curry, Sweet & Sour,  Garlic Steak and Honey Mustard sauce in his pantry.  Check it out next time you are in the mood for a healthy option for adding spice to your life :)

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