Culinarium’s Conundrum

™ is a Mid-Town Toronto based gourmet shoppe that offers a range of organic, natural, artisanal and / or sustainably produced products. The one thing all their products have in common is they are all locally produced. Culinarium's motto:  All Ontario, All the Time.  Sounds amazing right?  It is but they are in trouble and need help.

While driving into work last week I heard Kathleen Mackintosh, Founder and  Culinarium owner on CBC Radio One discussing the importance of supporting local food suppliers and how their store is experiencing difficulty keeping afloat doing so.  You can read all about their plight here.

I have not been to the store.  I do not know the owners.  I cannot speak from first hand experience.  What I would like to comment on is people – good people – take risks in trying to do the right thing when starting up businesses like Culinarium.  They invest their money, reputation and lives towards breathing life into a dream with meaning.  After hearing Kathleen's reach out for help on the radio I could not help but want to share their story.  To help save their business they have launched a program called The Shared Dinner Plate Program.  Take a look, this might be a great way for you or people you know to bring local food into your home and help a local business in the process.

Pictured Above:  Culinarium store front at 705 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, Ontario

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