Budget Update

Little-miss-busy Like most everyone I know, I've been busy with wrapping up the fiscal year at work and getting ready for the holidays.  As busy as it's been, we've still managed to keep on track with The Organic Experiment.  I've just fallen behind on the blogging portion of the experiment.  So, as brief of an entry as this may be; here's an update on how the budget portion of The Organic Experiment has been coming  along.

Week 8
Budget Spent:  $227.87
Amount Over Budget:  14%

Week 9
Budget Spent:  $198.54
Amount Under Budget: 1%

Week 10
Budget Spent:  $185.47
Amount Under Budget:  7%

 Week 11
Budget Spent:  $189.62
Amount Under Budget:  5%


As successful as we've been with keeping the budget portion of the experiment on track, some meals have been a little repetitive or just plain boring.  I'm sure things will turn around over the holidays though once I have a chance to recharge the batteries.

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