Topless in the Kitchen

I cook topless all the time. Prudish A-type personalities find this cooking style to be disgusting.  I embrace how it allows me to be creative and spontaneous in the kitchen.  Many foodies would agree topless cooking builds the sizzle factor in the kitchen.  But, there are disadvantages to cooking topless too…

 …cooking without lids on your pots and pans uses a lot more energy while preparing your meals.  The heat of the pot or pan creates steam from the cooking food.  Steam is a form of energy.  Without the lid – poof – the energy escapes.  Now, I'm not suggesting you try to crisp bacon with a lid on your frying pan but according to author Richard Ehrlich, there are many dishes one would normally cook in an open pan with the lid on and get fabulous results – including a crisp skinned chicken.  In Richard's book The Green Kitchen, he also claims by putting a lid on it you can cut cooking time by as much as 75% and save loads of energy.

Mr. Ehrlich confides that most foodies protest lidded cooking because it simply isn't suitable for certain foods – mainly meat  (I happen to agree)  but the Lidded Cooking section of his book has some interesting recipes I'm definitely going to try and see if I can indeed still obtain a seared finish to my meat with my top on. 

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