Brown Bag Band Wagon – Bento Boxes

When you go to all the effort to pack an exceptional organic lunch there is the dilemma of what to put it in.  Fore shame if you choose the dreaded zip-lock bag when there are so many options that are environmentally friendly.  That said, there are serious repercussions to making the wrong packing choice; there is always the concern of leakage in the laptop bag, accidental fruit gouging and the ever un-popular cookie crushing.  Protecting your organic pre-packed perfection is of particular importance.  Here's part of our essential lunch gear arsenal.


Lock-n-lock-containers Lock N Lock Containers
These containers are a staple in our home for leak free lunch packing.  Soups to salad dressing, I've never had a drip come out.  The husband says he's had one ooze Liberte Organic Yogurt into his laptop bag but I'm thinking user error might have been the real issue.  Pricing starts at $2.49 for a small container and go up from there.  WalMart has the best price but I despise the store and choose to pay more at other shops.


Bento-thermos Thermos Style Bento Box
These are a bit bulky to haul your lunch but they are very tidy and look cool.  You can get them in many sizes (2 – 4 layers) and with insulation or not.  The ones I purchased do not have great insulation which is fine because I don't pack hot foods in them.  Pricing on thermos style bento lunch boxes runs the gamut.  I've seen them for as much as $100.  I got lucky and paid $40.  T&T Market has a good selection at fair prices as does


Stainless-bento Stainless Steel Stacking Bento Tins
This is  an interesting alternative that will probably garner attention from your co-workers, fellow students or curious passers-by. Again, this is based on the design of a Japenese Bento Box and it's made of non-toxic stainless steel.  You can't pop these into the microwave at the office but the format is super for salads, room temperature dishes like barley and lentils or fruit salad.  I'm the only one in my family who will cart this fine fella to work.  If you are going to buy one of these get a good quality version.  They will run $24 and up and are available on

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