Dried Bean Quest.

Buying organic canned beans is breaking the bank.  I know I should be buying dried beans for numerous reasons; they're sodium free, they are cheaper, they use less storage space and you can avoid BPAs that are sometimes used in manufacturing cans.  My problem I've never been able to master cooking dried beans.   Those suckers just never seemed get tender.   Specifically I have problems cooking, chick peas, kidney beans, navy beans and romanos.  Alas, in my nightly reading I think I have unearthed the reason for my bad beans.

I have old beans. 

How embarrassing.

Who would think that dried beans can become too dried out!  Well my friends, they can and if they do, no amount of soaking and simmering is going to resuscitate them to tender-dom.  I'm going to blame my old beans on the fact that I can't pass up a deal.  It turns out my super deal marked down pre-packaged dried organic  beans were probably years old.  Apparently the tell-tale sign of old dried beans are the bags with powder in them.  I thought the dust made them look more organic.   Now I know.  I'll let you know how the next batch boil up.

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