Brown Bag Band Wagon

IStock_000013632702XSmallOur family packs a lunch nearly every day.  Exceptions to the rule are business lunches, the odd pizza day at school or the uncontrollable hankering for  sashimi lunch.  Not only is it money smart to brown-bag-it, the health benefits of packing nutritious homemade food is irrefutable.  It's true.  Just ask Jamie Oliver :)  Yes, it takes effort every – gasp – morning.   I happen to like doing it.  Call me crazy…    I heard that .

What to Pack?

For the husband and I leftovers are the foundation for most of our lunches.  Rather than packing a large portion of one type of food,  I'm all about packing smaller amounts of food and having lots of choice throughout the day.  Today the husband and I had:

  • Organic mixed green salad with dried tart cherries and walnut pieces
  • Leftover fish chowder
  • 2 pieces of fruit (apple, pear and plumbs)
  • Homemade 'Bird Seed' cookies

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