Week 3 – Closer to the Mark

IStock_000000723984XSmall Weekly Grocery Spend:  $217.20

Amount Over Budget:  9%

Well, that's more like it.  Only 9% over budget this week.   The cupboards, pantry and freezer are all starting to get switched over to organic.  It's a big change going into the pantry and seeing so much less food.  I've always followed the shopping mantra of stocking up items as I saw them on sale and eventually I'm hoping to do the same with organic.   In fact, there are some excellent deals to be had at Shopper's Drug Mart this week on their Nativa organic brand.

The other big pantry change is the lack of packaged products.  Boxes and cans have been replaced by jars of legumes, grains and bags of flour. It will be interesting to see if my zeal for ditching prepared foods stays at it's current level.  It's called convenience food for a reason! 

As much as I enjoy baking and preparing food for the week, it's especially difficult if you have a busy weekend.  For example; we were out for most of this weekend so the prepping of food for the coming week has suffered greatly.  Instead of baking traditional yeast bread, I made beer bread which takes only 5 mintues to mix up and throw in the oven.  I'll share that recipe another day.

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