Homemade Banana Bread vs. Store Bought Granola Bar

Banana So, about that Banana Chocolate Chip Bread I was making on Sunday.  Being a mom (and a marketer by profession) I'm a pro at gathering feedback from my kids.  My grass roots research has uncoverd they prefer home baked goods to pre-packaged lunch snacks like granola bars and cookies.  Now, I've never known a kid to shun any decent store bought cookie – I don't think it is genetically possible.  But, my girls say they'll take home baked over shiny prepackaged stuff any day – organic or not.  Are they saying this to protect me from the truth – possibly.  I do afterall shell out the allowance every other week.

Anyway, kids preference aside; is it financially worth the effort to make your own baked goods rather than purchase them pre-made?  Let's weigh out the cost difference and see.

Organic Banana Chocolate Chip Bread vs. Kashi Granola Bars

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe 
Organic Banana Chocolate Chip Bread                 Kashi Granola Bar
Cost:                            $6.10                                                                Cost:                              $3.99
Weight:                       1kg                                                                    Weight:                         210g
Serving Size:            65g                                                                     Serving Size               35g
# of Servings:          15.38                                                                 # of Servings:            6
Cost Per Serving:   $0.40                                         Cost Per Serving:    $0.67


  1. Buy your organic bananas when they are on the produce clearance rack.  As long as they are not too mushy, they will freeze great plus freezing intensifies the banana-rific flavour.
  2. Store your banana bread in an airtight container to keep it fresh all week. 
  3. Don't try cutting the loaf into serving portions.  It only encouraged the family to eat it faster and to mock you for pre-cutting it for them.  I speak from experience on this one.


  • Swap in vegetable oil for the spread!! I do that in mine – yummy!! I use the cane sugar and whole wheat flour too – and ditch the choc chips! You don’t need them!!!
    Jen xoxo

    JenOctober 21, 2010

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