Week 2 – Good Eats

IStock_000002435275XSmall Weekly Grocery Spend:  $273.10

Amount Over Budget:  37%

A funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store this week; I had fun. 

This week I  picked up the majority of our groceries at The Real Canadian Superstore all in one fell swoop.  So far, my favourite store location is in Oakville at Trafalgar and Dundas.  I love the layout of this store.  All of their organic products (excluding produce) are in a condensed area of the store.  It's amazing what happens when you cut out all of the product overload by only going down 3 aisles rather than wandering the enormous warehouse format.  Unfornuately, their organic produce is scattered throughout the large produce department and is only called out as being organic by having a purple organic product card which is sadly very close in colour to their regular blue product cards.  Not a great help for the consumer seeking out organic product.

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