Week 1 – Breaking the Bank

IStock_000006667499XSmall Weekly Grocery Spend:  $277.40

Amount Over Budget:  39%

Although I rang in  39% over budget I still spent less on groceries than we did before the switch to an all organic diet.  How's that for sugar-coating the fact I went over budget :)  Hey, I'm perfectly okay with being over budget.  It will take time and patience to meet the goal of $200/week and I know there will be lots of tips to share along the way. 

Week 1 Lessons Learned

  1. Using up what you have while transitioning to organic.  I wasn't about to chuck all the food I had in my freezer and fruit cellar and make an overnight change organic.  It just seemed so wasteful.  So for us, it's going to be a gradual transition. One week in and I know I need a strategy for what I need to pick up when.  I'm making a detailed list of:
    • Pantry and freezer items I have (baking items, dry goods, frozen fish, etc)
    • How long I think they will last
    • When I'll need to replenish/replace it by.
  2. Always check expiration dates. Buying products on sale is a good money saver but be sure to check expiration dates on organic products.  Many of them have considerably shorter shelf life.  It isn't a deal if it goes bad before you have a chance to eat it.  Dairy products key to check.
  3. Watch for marked down meats.  Grocery stores typically reduce meats (organic and standard) one day before the 'Best Before Date'.  Savings can be anywhere between 30-50% and the meat is perfectly fine (just ask the butcher or store manager).  My rule of thumb is if I don't cook it the day I  bring it home, it goes into the freezer immediately. 

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