Vegetarian in the House

Laurels kitchenOn our final day of summer vacation my youngest daughter announced she was becoming a vegetarian.  This revelation was not new as she tried the switch a year ago for a short period of time only to succumb to the rest of the family's meat eating ways.  The current attempt has lasted nearly two months so the vegetarianism may be here to stay.

I shared the 'conversion' news with a dear friend who is also a vegetarian.  She nodded, smiled and lent me a fascinating book called Laurel's Kitchen.  Although the book is a handbook for vegetarian cooking and nutrition the common sense principals presented in it have been very helpful with The Organic Experiment.   In fact, the book is so good, I'll have to purchase a copy when I return the dog-eared, much loved copy to my friend – but not before we try the Falafel recipe.  And the Date Sandwich Cookies.  And the Sweet and Sour Mustard Sauce…

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