Cookie Shrapnel

Cookie schrapnelLet's face it.   There are few things better than home baked goodies.  The family is now enjoying far more home baking due to the budget limitations of  The Organic Experiment.  To keep on budget, one of the first things to be expelled from the shopping cart was premium priced boxed cookies, granola bars and other pre-packed lunch box snacks.  I've decided to only use them if I'm too busy to bake.

About the baking; I think the kids (including the husband) like it.  On Sunday I baked a huge bananna bread, an apple strudel cake and 20 oatmeal cookies.  The idea was to have enough to pack in lunches for the week (we all brown bag our lunches most days) and for snacking at home.  What's pictured above is what's left of the cookies.  The banana bread is decimated and the apple strudel is not long for this world. 

With baking comes butter and organic butter is pretty darn expensive.  Average cost is $9.99 a pound.  I've been experimenting with alternatives to using butter and so far I find Earth Balance to be the best.  There are a lot of butter substitutes out there, but this one beats out all the rest. It doesn’t taste exactly like butter, but it’s pretty darned  close in texture and cooking properties.

Earth_balance Butter Stunt Double:  Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Best Price:  $3.99 / 425 grams @ Real Canadian Superstore

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