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Organics Delivered Logo About 6 months ago a cheery faced gal showed up at my front door asking if I would like to have organic produce delivered to my door.  She was from a company called Organics Delivered.  they promised the pricing would be below regular retail prices and the delivery was free.  I decided to give it a whirl.

A few weeks later a sales representative called me while I was on business in New York.  While sauntering through Soho I gave him a list of the likes and dislikes for our family and agreed to try a two week test of their program.  The dude on the phone promised I would not be disappointed – and I was not.

The first box of produce arrived to my home a week later.  Me and my 13 year old culinary crazed teenager eagerly pried it open.  It contained; 5 bananas, 6 peaches, 2 lemons, 2 avocados, 3 oranges, 6 (huge) potatoes, 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, 1 bunch of green onions, 4 apples, 3 pears, 2lbs carrots, 1 bunch of Swiss chard, 1 head of lettuce, 1 pint of mushrooms, 1 head of broccoli and 2 sweet potatoes.  Subsequent deliveries have been just as impressive too – except for the time we received a dozen bananas.  They were delicious but hey – you can only eat so many bananas before you have to freeze them for banana bread (which I have a great recipe for).

All of the produce we have received to date has been beautiful and each delivery is enough produce for our family of 4 for roughly 10 days.  I usually supplement with extra lettuce and other salad accouterments.

  Organics Delivered Cost:  $48 (plus a $15 non-refundable set up fee)

They Bend Like the Willow
And talk about a flexible program.  If you don’t like a certain product, just let them know and you will never see it in your delivery again.  You can choose the frequency of delivery and put your account on hold if you are going to be out of town.

Try it.  You’ll Like it.
What’s nice about a program like this (other than the fact you don’t have to go out and purchase the produce) is you receive interesting new products you might not have tried before.  Fear not, a letter from the president always explains the mysterious goodies and how to prepare them.

My delivery day is every other Tuesday so I’ll be sure to report in on what arrived on my door step tomorrow.

Anita Marie – @OrganicExpert

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