Already in the Red

Oct 2 bill Day one and I’m already dangerously close to blowing the budget.  In fact I know I’ll be over budget due to the Co-op organic produce I’m having delivered to my door on Tuesday (more on that later).

Weekly Shopping Tally:  $181.35

Basically, I found such great deals on organic meat I could not help but pick up several weeks worth.  I decided I’d cut back on buying bread and baked goods for the week by baking them myself being I already have the ingredients at home.

Milk Tip
Keeping a closer eye on the family’s eating patterns will help plan out the week.  For example, I know we go through 6 – 8 litres of milk in a week depending on how much cereal the kids mow through.  Baking and random hot chocolate binges also dip into the milk reserve.

I avoid  purchasing 2 bags (8 litres) of milk at a time for fear of spoilage.  At a cost of $7.99 to $9.99 for 4 litres – basically double the price of regular milk – I’m willing to hit the stores twice a week to ensure I have fresh product.  I’ve also done my homework (more on this later) so I know where the best price is close to home.

Glass of milkLactantia Pure Filtered Organic Milk

Best Price:  $7.99 / 4 litres @  Longo’s


Frugally yours,
Anita Marie – @OrganicExpert



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